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Debounce HAT
Debounce HAT - Raspberry Pi-compatible extension board designed to comply with the HAT standard. Features six fully debounced channels for external switches or relays, with up to 2 kV of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.
Tomodachi X2
Tomodachi X2 - Modern retro system - A new take on the retro computer systems of the 80s and 90s. Features Z80 and 6502-compatible microprocessors, C64/128 & MSX2+ compatibility, advanced peripherals and megabytes of memory.
Retro chip tester
Retro Chip Tester - This device allows one to test a wide variety of chips (ICs), as found in (retro) 5V computer systems, in addition to 5V level 74, 4000 and similar type logic chips.
Cortex-M3 board
LED'Nip Cortex-M4 board - Small, 9x10 cm development board based around an STM32F427 Cortex-M4 microcontroller with Ethernet, CAN and (RGB) LED controllers.


Greentropia - From the automatic watering of single house plants, to indoor farming, the Greentropia (formerly Internet of Plants) project has it all.