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Here you can find the list of active projects currently being developed by Nyantronics. The goal of Nyantronics is to develop new and innovative technologies and projects that will improve life for everyone.

Currently Nyantronics is led by Maya Posch together with a group of volunteers.


From the automatic watering of single house plants, to indoor farming, the Greentropia (formerly Internet of Plants) project has it all. Stay tuned for project updates on the following:

  • Single-plant system (soil-based).
  • 16x plants controller (soil-based).
  • Indoor farming setup (soil, hydro-/fogponics) with LED-based lighting and scaling across many racks.


GreenTropia Base System

Part of the Greentropia project, the Base System is aimed at monitoring and watering a single system using a small board and peripheral hardware.

Greentropia Base