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Tomodachi X2 Modern Retro System

As the number of still working Commodore 64 & 128, MSX, Sinclair and Atari systems dwindle, there is still a lot of demand for such systems, both by those who used such systems back in the 80s and 90s, and those who have discovered such systems later on.

The Tomodachi ('friends' in Japanese) X2 project intents to capture all that makes such retro systems so attractive to use along with all of the nostalgic bits, while adding a dose of modern electronics that nevertheless should not get in the way of enjoying all the good that 8 and 16-bit systems had to offer.

Along with hardware 6502 and Z80 compatible processors and integrated C64, C128 and MSX2+ modes, the Tomodachi X2 system can also be used as its own multi-processor, multi-architecture system, with many interfaces including PS/2, Ethernet, serial & parallel, 3.5" floppy drive support, a Yamaha OPL3 synthesizer chip, high-resolution graphics and much more.


The project's PCB is being designed in KiCad, with a custom enclosure in progress that will fit the custom PCB form factor. At this point in the project's development the specifications are:

Current status

The project development status as of the last update is:


Tomodachi X2 bare PCB

The bare PCB, still under development. Here facing the back of the board with most of the connectors.

Tomodachi X2 system block diagram

Block diagram of the system.


This project is also featured at Hackaday.io: https://hackaday.io/project/165156-tomodachi-x2