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Retro Chip Tester

Retro chip tester

Whenever that old Commodore 64, Apple or Atari system fails, or has some weird issues like screen corruption, how does one know which part of the system is to blame? With this Retro Chip Tester one can check individual chips to see whether they're still working as they should.

Simply connect the tester via USB to one's PC, insert the chip that has to be tested into the green ZIF socket of the device or that of one of the expansion boards, select the chip that is to be tested and the rest is handled automatically with a complete overview of the test results and any issues found.

This tester is also useful when testing a batch of loose chips of which one doesn't know whether they're still good, or simply has a container full with 4000- and 74-series logic chips which one would like to test.

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The only requirement is that the chip one wishes to test is 3.3 or 5V (TTL) compatible. The core tester has a 48-pin ZIF socket. Larger chips and those using a packaging other than DIP require an adapter board, as do chips which require specific external elements, such as synthesizer chips which require filter capacitors and a specific input voltage for their amplifier stage.